“Please Sir, I want some more”

Whilst I doubt the gruel that Oliver Twist so desperately wanted was a culinary delight, these words are certainly ones that often come to my mind.  I love good hearty meals and can’t resist delicious desserts and have a love for cooking. I spend my days with teenagers helping them to learn to cook and hopefully develop a passion for good home cooking. With a picky-eater husband and even pickier daughter I rarely get the opportunity to be creative.  I’m far from a ‘foodie’ and I’m no Masterchef but I enjoy baking goodies for my family and friends and I especially love eating them!

So why the blog? In July the Saucy Sampler is going to take on Europe, enjoy a new food adventure and hopefully learn a thing or two. Follow me if you wish and share in the fun and adventure.

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Nom Nom Nom?