“Will I be able to wind down the window and grab some cloud to take home?” asked Miss 8 … Err no sweetheart. Embarking on my first flight in over a decade, and first international flight ever, I have to say that I definitely jumped on a huge learning curve this week. Of course there was much excitement thrown in as well  (amongst disappointment over cloud collecting).

With a check-in time by 5:45pm we got the luggage checked and took a stroll around the departures area. Miss 8 was hungry (nothing unusual there) so we perused the various cuisines on offer ….let me see, Noodle Box? Red Rooster? There wasn’t a lot on offer that’s for sure, but needless to say some familiar tastes to see us on our way.

‘Dinner’ over and done with we headed on down to customs …fortunately it was still very quiet. CUSTOMS 101 ~ consider carefully what you carry on board…..  Sure! We checked the TSA lists of contraband ….no ‘car air bags’ or ‘machetes’ for us. All good here…. “Excuse me m’am, you’ve been ‘randomly’ selected for an inspection” ….clearly I have that dodgy look about me. Does my muffin top REALLY look like a stash of highly illegal substance strapped to my body???? Note to self ….remote phone chargers consisting of small device with coiled cord and various other attachments COULD be mistaken for an explosive. Ha ha, as if I would have to know-how for making such things, though I’m lead to believe a quick Google search could help with that one. No surprises, after a quick ‘frisking’ [unfortunately I imagine not nearly as exciting as the ‘Magic Mike’ premiere I was missing back home] and a few jokes with the staff about how we teachers get soooo many holidays, I was given the all clear.

But on to more important things ….FOOD! A quick look at the menu handed to us not long after take-off and I was already wishing I hadn’t indulged so much earlier [one of the great unknowns to us of international flight, ‘when and what will we be fed?’], though considering how much I paid to be on this plane I wasn’t letting anything go to waste, and I did wear ‘stretchy pants’.

Appetiser: Coriander chicken on a bed of mixed leaves and cous cous salad with cherry tomato. I have to admit, not much of a ‘rabbit food’ fan but it did look good. Whilst cous cous could be mistaken by some as some ‘rare exotic bird’ [not mentioning any names ‘Kitchen Assassin’ 😉 ] it was quite a delightful little starter for an otherwise bland ingredient. Some great flavour that went down really well.

Main Course: Hmmm, let me see, Harissa Beef Hot Pot served with risoni and vegetables or …
Seafood Mornay  with mashed potato and vegetables? No doubt about it, hot pot it is. I was not disappointed, and quite surprised that the veges had a ‘freshly cooked’ texture about them that together with the pasta and mild curry was great.

Hubby is not so much of a curry fan, so he went for the mornay. After having a small sample of his I was defintitely pleased I went for the beef …his review …. “Quite nice”.  Whilst on a midnight stroll I happened to pass through the kitchenette and noticed their stats, 60% beef, 40% seafood.

What’s next? DESSERT! We know how much I love the sweet stuff. Date Cake with Creme Anglais, YUMMM!!! I’m a huge fan of date puddings, this was topped with a lovely caramelly cheescake cream and finished with the Creme Anglais. Why aren’t there seconds??

“Would you like a drink m’am”? …don’t mind if I do. A rather strong mix of Bacardi and Coke with a good bit of eye candy thrown in …thank you!!!
To finish off, some ‘Cheese and Crackers’. It wasn’t the finest fromage from the heart of France, but a bit of good ol’ ‘Cracker Barrell Tasty’ teamed with some ‘Arnott’s Jatz’ never goes astray. Damn it …how could I leave that chocolate on the tray??? Good thing I have my own stash 😉

Miss 8 had picked her way through and rejected various components of her chicken salad (ha ha, like she would even touch it), pizza, sultanas, bread roll, two-fruits, cheese and crackers and water. Hey, any kid can survive on just the Kit Kat, pink milk and a can of lemonade right?

We had a delightful ‘Nigella Moment’ in the middle of the night with chicken pies and chocolates on the offering.

The morning came around and we were presented with the breakfast offerings.  Egg Fritata or Mixed Grill. Without a doubt without hesitation a good mixed grill had to be the go.  I was instantly disappointed however ….WHERE’S THE BACON???? Some sort of chicken rissole, chipolata, baked beans and potato with a side of wilted English spinach. It didn’t look particularly appetising and didn’t taste much better. Oh well, there was still a vast platter of options and you can’t win them all [seriously though …a mixed grill HAS to have bacon 🙂 ].

Miss 8 had a few better options including a hash brown, chocolate milk and oh …that Kit Kat again!

Overall, I could not fault the service or foods on offer with the airline (United Arab Emirates for the record, not that I have any others to compare to).  Knowing the work chain that goes into producing the meals and then dealing with them on board [yes, this is the ‘kitchen’ ] it was definitely high quality and I can only imagine what those up front in Business Class were treated to.

Round 2 tomorrow with the second leg of our journey …let’s hope they keep up the good work!

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3 Responses to COME FLY WITH ME

  1. Angie says:

    Oh…bacon might have been off the menu with it being an Arabian airline (Muslim??), at least it wasn’t too extreme and do a “dry airline”, now there is no fun in that!
    Looks like you guys are having fun! 🙂 x

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      Yeah, I did think it was probably a Muslim thing …clearly they don’t know what they are missing!

  2. Gwen Sands says:


Nom Nom Nom?