Nothing like 2 breakfasts in one day. Thanks to time-zone differences and broken journeys the second leg of our flight meant a whole new menu.

With a choice between ‘Tradtional Arabic Morning Mezze’, including labneh mint, hommous, halloumi and feta cheese, carrot and cucumber batons, lettuce, tomato wedge and olives or …. ‘Deli Platter’. A highly vegetarian offering, it didn’t exactly take my interest however a platter of meats and cheeses was quite to my liking.

Described as smoked chicken, pastrami beef, leicester cheese, German potato salad and fresh crudites what was presented didn’t quite match the description but was good none-the-less. We had an added bonus of ‘mystery cheese’ and the ‘fresh crudites’ [usually vegetable sticks] didn’t exist, however we did have a packet of crackers. The ‘potato’ salad had a significant lack of potato …”Oh wait …here’s some”.

Lunch had two very tempting choices – a shame we can’t have both [like I hadn’t eaten enough on planes already].

Appetiser: Chicken Galantine. Again we had ‘German style potato salad’ cnmprising of cucumber and tomato with a complete absence of potato. The galantine was a slice of chicken loaf.  Given the main option was so appealing I decided I could probably skip my entree …just this once 😉

Main: Parsley Mustard Chicken – tender chicken breast marinated with parsley and mustard and slow roasted, topped with tomato basil sauce, seasoned spinach spaetzle, sweet corn and carrot or ….Mutton Curry. Whilst the thought ‘mutton’ probably makes many shudder I thought of a flavoursome casseroled meat in delicious curry sauce.  I knew hubby wasn’t going to order anything with ‘curry’ in the title voluntarily so we happily had one of each meal.

The review on the chicken was ‘nothing special’, admittedly, the spaetzle [or spätzle a German-style pasta] looked more like overcooked frozen beans but it was otherwise a nice looking dish of food.

The curry didn’t disappoint although the meat still had a small amount of ‘resistance’ and wasn’t quite as ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ as I had hoped the sauce was great and accompanied well with biryani rice and creamy vegetable korma curry. A lovely little rhubarb strusel with cinnamon custard finished off the meal.

After a huge 24 hours of travel we arrived safely in London. We took a stroll around Battersea and wandered into a local pub for dinner. Apparently ownership has changed hands a bit and it showed. The first thing noted was that ‘lemon, lime and bitters’ is an unknown in this great land though one barman at least knew that the ‘bitters’ bit was otherwise known Angostura (and that they didn’t have any). There was a small menu with a few options for basically a chicken, beef or seafood entree or main and a couple of chef’s specials all around £10 each . No ‘reef ‘n’ beef’ or ‘Chicken Kiev here though, and nothing with vegetables bar a salad.  Saving ‘Guiness Pie’ for my Irish experience, I chose the seafood platter. There was also a beef burger and Caesar salad for the table.

With only 3 other diners in the room one has to question the 40 minute wait for our meals (make that 50 minutes for the bowl of chips for the child – poor form there folks).

The Caesar salad was a rather woeful plate of some rather flat lettuce topped with a meager portion of chicken, a few quail eggs and some croutons. 

The burger was well, a burger, it looked alright but hubby was disappointed they burnt the bun.  I probably did the best with my seafood platter.  A selection of crispy tempura calamari, prawns and fish with ‘salmon goujons’ [a small strip of meat crumbed or battered] which were unfortunately smoked, just a bit too much for this plate. A few selections of sauces and nice presentation it was certainly a lighter version of the usual heavily battered versions we get at home. It certainly seems the trend of using wooden boards for food presentation is just a popular here as it is in Australia [well, I’m not so sure the average restaurant has caught on but if you’ve been paying attention to Aussie Masterchef it won’t be too far away].

A lovely walk back home though we had much better culinary delights in sight for tomorrow …significant use of ‘the ‘f’ word’ ; )

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