Aye Ye Wench!!!

…bring me another!

What a fantastic night we had at the Medieval Banquet. Traveling to St Katherine’s Docks London we ventured underground to a function room created amongst the original piers of the Docks. Themed perfectly for the evening with costumes to hire, we definitely got into the spirit of the occasion all dressed up in our best royal finery (fortunately available for hire for a low fee).

The event caters for 400 people in groups of 50 along long tables between each pier, great for getting to know other people. On offer was a 4-course set meal with free wine and beer (with special diets catered for). Oddly you had to pay for soft drinks. Although kids were welcome the evening was clearly aimed at the grown-ups. Having said that, Miss 8 thoroughly enjoyed herself.

The evening began with a performance of wandering singers and gymnasts before being presented with our table’s cauldron of soup. A potato based vege soup it was very nice though we were presented with one small problem ….no spoons! “Just drink it from the bowl” I exclaimed to our new found friends – 6 in total, 3 Texans and 3 friendly locals [yes, we found some!!!]. With a look of absolute horror at the uncouth Aussie they proceeded to soak up their soup in a civilised fashion with the large loaves of bread on offer as I lifted my bowl.



Minutes later the Mexican tour group adjacent sent forth their requests for spoons “drink it from the bowl” our Wench announced ….us Aussies are pretty cluey you know 😉

The evening continued with a variety of cirque performances, singing, dancing and sword fighting. Following soup was a small antipasto offering of cured meats and cheese, followed by more cauldrons filled with roast chicken pieces accompanied by a shared platter of roast veges. It was all self-serve from your table with a great community feel. Dessert was yet another cauldron filled with stewed dried fruits. Although served with generous portions of thick cream available it was VERY sweet. Following the meal guests were able to party on into the night with the DJ turning on the modern tunes.

An extremely entertaining evening with the opportunity to meet new people, have some fun, sing, dance, beat fists on the table and experience a little medieval nostalgia …. I would recommend this to any tourist.

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2 Responses to Aye Ye Wench!!!

  1. Angie says:

    How fun!!! Glad you showed them how us Aussies really are just 6th generation convict!

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