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Welcome to Sweden!

After many years of keeping in touch with my online pen pal in Sweden and way too many conversations of ‘One day when we visit ….’ the Parker family finally reached the city of Gothenberg.  How lucky were we to have our very own tour guides? In a beautiful walk around the city we journeyed along cobble-stone roads surrounded by so many lovely old buildings, pretty gardens and quaint little shops.

After a lovely couple of hours we settled at a local Tapas bar for some dinner. I’ve never really had a true tapas experience dining out with a group of people sharing the small bite-sized portions of Spanish fare. We chose a selection of a dozen different dishes from a list of over 40.




Gambas al ajillo ~ Garlic prawns in white wine & chilli
Fuet ~ Wild boar sausage
Calamares a la vasca ~ Fried squid rings served with aioli
Tocino ~ bacon wrapped dates with aioli
Potatas con all i oli ~ Fried potatoes with aioli
Mini Chorizos ~Mini Chorizos grilled with salsa sauce
Albondigas decordero ~ Spanish minced lamb balls in tomato sauce
Alitas de pollo ~ Chicken wings in honey glaze
Embutidos variados ~ Spanish sausage platter
Pan con ajo ~ Garlic bread
Lomo de cerdo relleno ~ bacon wrapped pork stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese and basil

I ordered the boar sausage expecting some exotic meat to appear before me but it was simple small, thinly sliced salami (that was also part of the Embutidos variados …just goes to show how people probably eat an innocent salami without actually realising it’s origin).  Anything wrapped in bacon is always good by me (that’s gonna backfire someday) and all we had on offer was tasty.

Let’s face it, even if the food was bad the company was so good it wouldn’t have mattered but, having said that, it was delicious and we were all ‘rellenos’ at the end of it. I teamed my dish with a ‘Matador’ cocktail of Bacardi raz with grenadine and a few other things – delish! If only the walk back home burned off our Tapas tummies ; )

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  1. Angie says:

    I think the Tapas experience is something I need to try! Nothing like a little bit of everything and then no plate envy!

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