I don’t know about anyone else, but a game I like to play often when presented with text of a different language is ‘Guess the Translation?’. Anyone want to take guesses on the above? Come on, give it a go! Whilst I could suggest that the exterior of the building gave some idea of what was within, most buildings around here, especially within Liseberg Amusement Park here in Gothenberg, all have the similar gothic stone appearance. Any ideas?? Well, I went for ‘Spooky Ghost’ and I wasn’t far off.

Spőkbaren Gasten is a ghost-themed restaurant situated within the park. Liseberg has an unusual entry arrangement where you can pay for park entry and access the many restaurants and somefeatures (many locals opting for an annual pass) and then pay separately for ride tickets or passes. Consequently, many come to the park just to socialise or dine.

As we walked into the small courtyard nearby was a lady dressed in blood red with unusual make-up, casually wandering from table to table. Certainly, a ‘vampire’ showed promise of something more fun inside. Whilst the decor reflected that of something a bit ‘ye olde’, the addition of the odd cobweb was really the only thing spooky about it. The menu was minimal (we’ve found that quite a lot here) with an assortment of dishes with somewhat spooky names such as “Sorrowful Sighs Caesar Salad”, “Gastro Platter” or “Butchers Beef”. We discovered that we were really in half a restaurant with another next door linked, using the same kitchen, and also the same menu albeit with different names for the dishes.

I ordered a cocktail in hope of something a bit more exciting. However, my ‘Paranormal P2′ was presented as any other soct drink and in fact I almost mistook it for a glass of sprite ready to hand to my daughter. A concoction of Absolut vanilia (vanilla vodka)’ apple sourz, lime and Sprite, I at least expected something horrifically green, perhaps with a bit of dry ice for added effect. For what I paid it was a far cry from anything spooky.




Perhaps I’m a bit too hard to please, but come to my place for a spooky-themed night and expect eyeballs in the punch and a severed finger (no, not mine) in your pie. I’ve made non-alcoholic ‘blue lagoons’ before with more theatre than the entire restaurant. I ordered the steak and was stunned when my request for ‘medium-well’ was rejected with ‘either one or the other’ …huh?

Turns out the ‘steak’ was in fact thick slices of beef cut from a roast ….either a medium or well-done one. There’s always a giggle or 2 to be had when dining in foreign places and tonight was o exception with hubby receiving his ‘burger and chips’ only to get his burger and ‘potato crisps’.

The food quality was good though and for the first time in a while I had a meal somewhat resembling meat n veg (my steak accompanied by a potato gratin). Meal = pass, Theme = fail!

PS The restaurant is based on this story below….

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  1. Angie says:

    I could imagine people would call it tacky if it was too themed up? I love John’s dinner!

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      Yeah, but a bit more could have been done I reckon. It was in the middle of a theme park so I think they could have got away with a whole lot more. We are still amused by his ‘chips’.

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