Sweets & Surprises

I couldn’t possibly leave Gothenburg without mentioning their love of sweets. Apparently it’s quite customary for the locals to nibble on them all day long with bowls full of them adorning many a coffee table. I like their style.

Their love of ice cream comes a close second. It would be a fair statement that almost every street corner in the city hosts a ‘Glass Kiosk’, if not two [err no, I’m not exaggerating on that every corner thing]. Keep in mind that whilst during their summer they have long days of sunshine from around 4am to 11pm, a ‘hot day’ topping 25 degrees happens only occasionally, and the winter season bears short sunlight hours from 9-5 and freezing cold temperatures. Temptation was definitely everywhere you turned.

My last meal in this city came with it’s own little surprises. Shopping malls don’t appear to have a ‘food court’ as most Aussie ones do, and instead have random placements of take-aways, cafes and bars. We wandered into a small ‘Pub’ called ‘Fair Play’ which catered a small selection of lunchtime specials. I’d rather pay a few dollars extra for a decent feed than Miss 8s favourite Maccas. The meals arrived and I was amazed ….VEGETABLES!

I might seem a little overjoyed but the distinct lack of any cooked veges available with anything in the last couple of weeks has taken it’s toll. there wasn’t many, and they were some sort of stir-fried concoction, but veges none-the-less and in desperation I even ate the broccoli. It was a great little meal of beef steak (note, must be referred to as ‘beef’ and not ‘steak’ otherwise one might confuse it with countless other forms of ‘steak’), chips, the veges and a Bearnaise sauce of sorts. Well. It was great until the added surprise of a small wire around 20mm long which I discovered towards the end of my meal whilst munching away :-O Fortunately it didn’t make it’s way through the roof of my mouth or down my throat. I kindly pointed it out to the waitress who was most apologetic. For a moment it occurred to me ‘I hope she doesn’t think I put it there’ (as I know some people these days do so deliberately for a free feed or to sue) and so was relieved when the foreign ingredient was recognised as from a scrubbing brush used for the grill. No harm done and no charge for the meal, ‘Fair Play’ indeed it was so I couldn’t help but leave satisfied.

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  1. Angie says:

    As I am not as sophisticated as you when it comes to meals, I am actually drooling over your steak and chips!! YUM!

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