Absolut-ly Frappe-ulous?

I couldn’t really visit the Nordic region without experiencing the freezing col temperatures it is known for. What better way than to combine it with vodka 🙂

Absolut have a few ‘Ice Bars’ spread around this area of the world including the Nordic Sea Hotel in Stockholm.

The greeting at the entry point was about as warm as the bar and we were supplied with large coats and gloves before entering an air lock hallway. The Ice Bar itself is a small room encased by large ice bricks. Select sections host engraved panels with pictures or quotes and the lighting is a dim blue.

Not a popular place, though perhaps in the evenings it livens up with locals. Certainly the need for an online booking system gave the impression of something more popular than the one other family there and was completely unnecessary for this day. You can only book for adults online also so we required a refund when we arrived.

The barman was also about as cold as the drinks he was serving. Not that I would enjoy working in this place, with sub-zero temperatures the 30 minutes we were there was long enough, but I can’t see why a little friendly chatter whilst preparing your drink couldn’t be part of the service, he wouldn’t last long at ‘Cheers’. The bar offers a range of cocktails, beers and non-alcoholic drinks. Though they promote on their website an “Ice Kids” deal it was far from something fun for the kids to experience. Within a few minutes Miss 8 had had enough. You need more than a fruity drink in an ice cup to keep this kid entertained. The ‘quiz’ or the ice cream on departure didn’t happen either.

My verdict? It’s a pretty pricey cocktail. At 180 SEK (approximately AU$26) to enter and get a free drink (they weren’t very big servings), with $12 refills you certainly do pay a lot for the ‘experience’, which even for grown ups lacked any real interest value (entry for kids is $125 SEK, approx AU$18). Yes, we stood in a room made of ice and had a drink from a block of ice but that was about it. I ordered the ‘Snow flake’ with a recipe of Absolut vodka, coconut, peach, pineapple and cranberry and rather enjoyed it, could certainly make it myself again. Hubby went for the ‘Icemopolitan’ but found it a bit strong. Miss 8 wasn’t overly fussed with her ‘Lapland’ raspberry drink. Overall a bit of a let down.

We’d had a big day and for dinner just decided to stop by the local food mart and pick up a few things, whilst most foods were easily discernible, working out exactly what cheese I had in my hand was a mystery ….there was a moose on the label, do they make moose cheese? I assumed it was just the branding and figured I had some sort of tasty, sometime you just take a chance and hope for the best. Most things were not unlike an Aussie food mart, but this one did catch my eye …. Meat in a tube???

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  1. Angie says:

    Probably something better done at night with a bunch of girlfriends??

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