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‘Gamla Stan’ is situated in the centre of Stockholm. This island hosts the Royal Palace along with countless sidewalk cafes along it’s narrow cobble-stoned streets. Some precariously placed on narrow platforms not more than perhaps 60cm wide, they still offer a romantic feel.

We sat down at one up near the something square. You can’t walk more than a few metres around here without stumbling over another cafe so in a competitive market we figured a reasonably priced meal wouldn’t be hard to find. However, with a Caesar salad costing 195 SEK (approximately AU$28 ) we didn’t stay long. Although I have contemplated a ‘donate now’ button to help fund this gastronomic tour (Hey, Julie did in “Julie & Julia”) at this stage we need to be a bit more budget conscious ….we still have “The Fat Duck” to pay for in coming weeks!

Anyway, it’s tricky to ‘shop around’ in these parts. Whilst many places have a menu out front or a specials board, without a firm grasp on the Swedish language, they are almost useless. Best advice is to look at the prices (and the general menu format with starters listed first then mains later) and if they look reasonable, then ask if there is a menu in English. We found most places would have one or could give a quick run down of the specials available for you.

Not too far on we found the Cafe ‘Kladdkakan’ offering deli rolls and simple pasta dishes. We played it safe and ordered Miss 8 the lasagne but hubby and I thought we would be a little more adventurous and ordered the beef canneloni.


Expecting something a bit similar to the lasagne, we got pasta rolls filled with a considerable amount of ricotta and a little bit of ground beef hidden amongst it. Topped with a creamy sauce it certainly was overloaded in the dairy department …should have gone the old faithful lasagne. However, it was still good food at a realistic price and beautifully presented. I suggested to hubby we share a dessert, just something to finish the meal off.

Together with the counter full of delicious looking pastries there were home-baked fruit pies. Apple & Cinnamon, blueberry, raspberry and rhubarb with beautiful crumbly toppings. Hubby returned with not one but three different serves, apparently he couldn’t decide! The apple was perhaps a bit overloaded with cinnamon, and with the blueberry filling thickened and a bit gluggy the raspberry got my top vote (surprising really given I’m more a sweet than tart fan).







We walked away with meal, dessert and drinks all costing around 180 SEK each, or AU$25. Can’t complain about that.

Heading off to Copenhagen tomorrow. As if the ice cream and cakes here in Sweden haven’t been tempting enough …Danish pastries??? Starting the holiday exercise plan tomorrow too I think!!!

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3 Responses to Cafe Central

  1. Angie says:

    Mmmmmm apple pie! I can’t wait to see what Denmark brings

  2. Tanya says:

    They look like big portion sizes, are they?

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      Oh, probably about the norm back home for a cafe / restaurant …which can be a bit big in some cases I suppose. They weren’t huge by any means though, after ice creams and all sorts all day I didn’t eat it all though.

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