A Scandinavian Sizzler?

Eating while traveling can be hard, or in the very least expensive. We’ve certainly found ‘cheap family eats’ a challenge, especially when trying to balance the budget with our more expensive experiences.  Food marts are scarce, and hotel facilities non-existent [most don’t even have a kettle]. Whilst we could opt for McDonald’s every meal or some sort of 7-11 fare, it’s hardly a healthy way to eat.

Right near our hotel sits “Jensen’s Bofhus”, displaying an sidewalk tent-board and various signs for their ’44DK Salad Bar’. It definitely had promise of a Sizzler-style setup and their advertisement for a 129DK steak (around AU$23) with the addition of a $7-8 salad bar was at least at a cheaper end. We had hoped, like home, the salad bar would be even cheaper when added to a meal. It wasn’t.

I’m not generally a fan of ‘Sizzler’, to Miss 8’s disappointment. Long gone are the days where you could get a $10 salad bar and $2 refillable soft drink.  These days, taking our family of 3 out usually costs around $100 or more, with steaks breaking the $25 mark, adding salads and drinks, it’s not much more to get a quality meal at a nice restaurant (without everyone elses children running about) or something cheaper at a half-decent pub.  I certainly prefer quality over quantity and watered-down reconstituted soup and bland pasta sauces just don’t do it for me. However, in this case, it saved a possibly endless search for something more budget friendly (that also didn’t involve an endless hike somewhere).

The Salad Bar

Tables can be booked, but only a few, and we left that run a bit late. When I made inquiries earlier in the day I was told that there was usually only a 10 minute wait anyway. 10 minutes became 15 minutes when we arrived, and 25 minutes in reality.  Despite having asked for a menu while we waited (and consequently making our decisions) we were given another 10 minutes before asking if we were ready to order. I’m hungry!!!! There was a good variety of meals to choose from, though the beef burger was unavailable. A variety of side dishes and rather pricey desserts for this style of restaurant.

Miss 8 was given an activity book to pass the time, which lasted about 5 minutes. We ordered (I headed straight for the steak and veges) and a special kids menu was available.  Hubby chose a chicken burger with the salad bar, a distinctly less varied version of Sizzler, with no soup or pasta bar, breads or desserts. No complimentary parmesan pan-bread here, and drinks were by the glass or jug, averaging about $7 a glass of soft drink – ouch!

After a lonnnnnnnnnnng 30 minute wait our meals arrived. At least it was worth the wait with my steak being just perfect and some great grilled veges, teamed with a potato gratin of root vegetables it was a good old-fashioned ‘steak & 3 veg’ meal I’ve definitely missed. We skipped on dessert, apart from the cost, we didn’t need it.

My Steak








Kids Meal
Chicken Burger






Overall there is definitely a lot they could learn from our ‘Sizzler’ back home, perhaps though there just isn’t the market for such a place here in Copenhagen.  I do know our Sizzler franchises have struggled in some states, perhaps though a review of their ever-increasing prices could hold the key there. At least a family-friendly restaurant at an OK price with good food …still hunting for that ‘perfect family cheap-eat’ though.

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