“A Biom = an organic community, a place where life is experienced as a combination of interdependent relationships between plants and animals”

Restaurant BioM in Copenhagen prides itself in wiping out the conception of organic food as ‘vegetarian and long-haired’ and bringing it into the modern restaurant scene as Copenhagen’s only organic restaurant.

The chef at work, you can see into their kitchen through a modern-styled window.

The meals were creative and innovative, and as an added bonus tasted good too. BioM is situated off the beaten track a little and was very quiet on a summery Wednesday evening. I suspect the price tag steers a few people away, even their 2, 3, 4 or 5 course deals are pricey. I’m not sure how you offer 5 courses with only starters, mains and desserts on the menu but I guess if you break the starters into soup and starter and desserts into dessert then cheese it would add up. However, when paying premium rates for organic produce, despite advancements in this area with better availability and quality, the costs needs to be covered somewhere and hence it isn’t cheap.

A small menu with a few choices was available, nothing specifically for children though (not that we expected it). I’ve eaten enough already this week, so 2 courses was going to do me just fine. We did get some complimentary bread though served in little bags – cuteness!

Complimentary bread


Free-range pork with butter steamed leeks, new onions and sage sauce.


I started with ‘Free-range pork with butter steamed leeks, new onions and sage sauce’. It was super yummy, though the outer layers of the young leek were a little tough to cut through, the meat was super tasty and accompanied well with some buttered diced potato.


Caramelised peach tart with vanilla ice cream.



For dessert I had ‘ Caramelised peach tart with vanilla ice cream’. OH. MY. GOSH!!! It was an exquisite little dessert of a small peach-frangipane style tart, served with paper thin slices of peach fanned across the plate in a light syrup, topped with a home- made ice cream and an almondy crumble. I DEFINITELY need to try and replicate this one at home.

Cockerel with soft polenta, steamed carrots, roasted maize and cream sauce.



Hubby had the ‘Cockerel with soft polenta, steamed carrots, roasted maize and cream sauce’ (unusual given he doesn’t like sweet corn). He quite enjoyed the dish composed of a galantine-style sausage and small roasted portion, with creamy (not gluggy) polenta and spatterings of corn kernels. We had ordered the same for Miss 8 in the hope she would have some, she didn’t really, so lucky me plenty to go around and try.

Marinated summer berries with almond cake and blueberry sorbet.


For dessert he chose the ‘Marinated summer berries with almond cake and blueberry sorbet’. His only complaint …it wasn’t big enough. Whilst joking at this point, it probably should be noted that these desserts on their own cost approximately AU$20 each, and portion sizes were small, but I’m not sure I could have eaten more. Considering the ‘Bøfhus’ last night had very average desserts for almost half that price anyway at least you definitely got quality for your money. They kindly prepared for Miss 8 just a bowl of ice creams and sorbets.

Miss 8s Ice-Cream

With the 2-course deal costing 289 DK (or approximately AU$50) that’s not too bad for quality ingredients and well-cooked food in a modern restaurant. I would definitely recommend others give it a go if looking for a nice, quiet, elegant evening.

Random decoration in the restaurant amongst the pretty hanging orchids, sprigs of lavender, oregano pots and reclaimed timber artwork.
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  1. Chare says:

    You really should have found some sponsors for this tour. These feeds are so pricey! They do sou d yummy though!

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      Yes Angie, they are yumm. Yes it’s tough on the wallet though at the end of the day just regular dining somewhere (other than Maccas and Burger King there aren’t too many cheap take-aways) doesn’t cost much less. This area of the world is known to be expensive, some cheaper pub grub next week with any luck and in Edinburgh our apartment has cooking facilities. I’m not sure who would sponsor this ….donations welcome 🙂 Ha ha.

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      Ummm, I might need sponsoring for a new wardrobe by the time I get home too ….bacon and 3 danish for breakfast, mmmm.

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