Pub Grub

Of course where would Ireland be without it’s pubs. Known for their drinking and fighting, the Irish do love their pubs though I have to say, I reckon they are about ‘on par’ with us Aussies.

In need of a feed we headed to the nearest pub, about a half km walk away from where we were staying. A quiet little place for a Friday evening, they had the typical a la carte menu as well as their specials board. Not unlike Australia, the pub scene and ability to get a ‘cheap feed’ seems to be lost in the world of commerce and competition with many hotels sprucing up their act and raising their prices. It’s amazing how great you can get a meal to look with some innovative though and the use of a ‘rustic board’, a neat basket or interestingly shaped plate and little else. Sadly, the food often doesn’t improve any so all you have is cheap food on a nice plate and a bigger price tag for the privilege. In fact it is a rarity today (I have found) to find a pub that has a cheap roast or bargain fish ‘n’ chips on the menu, instead choosing to make the most of their patrons and fancify their food presentation to match the prices. Having said that, at least the prices were still reasonable and much less than a restaurant.

Stuffed Roast Rib Fillet with Yorkshire Pudding, Mash, Veges and Gravy

I chose their roast special at €14.95 (around AU$20), a couple of good slices of rib roast sandwiching some stuffing, served with gravy, vegetables and of course …some Yorkshire pudding. I won’t write home about the pudding, I do a much better job at home, but for a roast meal in a pub it’s about what you would expect. Hubby had fish n chips and the kid opted for some ‘bangers’ with her chips. Nothing flash, but good food none-the-less.

Fish ‘n’ Chips (with mushy peas as it turns out)

Sticky Toffee Pudding

We couldn’t resist dessert with a multitude of options for about €6 (AU$8) each. These meals were definitely a little on the pricey side given their ‘manufactured and frozen’ history but who can resist a warm pudding on a cold and rainy night? It’s great to see these days that most pubs offer free wifi and of course a tele to watch the sports (most helpful during the olympics), together with some great Irish hospitality (and some cheap cocktails) it’s a bit hard to go wrong.

Dublin’s Smallest Pub – Possibly the smallest pub in the world

Just for a bit of fun, we popped into “Dawson’s Pub” whilst in town. Claimed to be Dublin’s ‘smallest pub’, possibly the smallest pub in the world. With only a narrow doorway as it’s facade from the street, a narrow windy staircase leads you to a basement pub, composed on a couple of cosy corners with the bar in the middle. Indeed it is small and you would have considerable difficulty ‘swinging a cat’ without hitting something. Whilst they do cater a couple of small dishes such as a toasted sandwich, we had a simple lemonade just for the experience before going on our way


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2 Responses to Pub Grub

  1. Angie says:

    Oh, another favourite food stop! When I was OS, I lived for the pub meals, but I am classy like that 😉

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      I have just as much class, other than our London pub experience, and least we get good value meals at pubs mostly …with VEGETABLES! Can’t believe how hard they are to come by, they just aren’t fancy enough for restaurants anymore I guess.

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