Hit ‘n’ Miss

We certainly have had our share of hits and misses with our dining out on this trip.  Whilst the UK is cheaper than the Nordic countries we’ve found in Dublin you can still struggle at times to find a cheap lunch or in the very least value for money.

We wandered into an American themed diner ‘Eddie Rockets’ hoping for a reasonable burger or meal. Their menu catered for all tastes from Mexican to ‘Southern-style’ food with a range of burgers, chicken, fajitas and so forth, including a kids menu.

Eddie Rocket’s City Diner

The meals were a decent size, and of pretty good quality, though the service was a bit lacking.  Whilst there were ‘spiders’ on the drinks menu the only offering as part of the kids deal was sodas. When we requested Miss 8s drink be a spider it was declined …seriously, too hard to add a scoop of ice-cream for the kid? Anyway, we just added another drink.


I also chose a milkshake. Whilst I normally try to avoid dairy, drinks especially, I thought a good ol’ fashioned American milkshake would be really nice.  Just like the pubs, ye olde good stuff has been pushed aside for ‘new and trendy’ and my milkshake arrived in a small glass, with the extra dregs brought to me in the metal cup. Sometimes the old-fashioned way is just better …bring me a soda glass and a straw with a cherry on top any day.

‘Milkshake’ …American Diner Style?
‘The Queen of Tarts’


Oddly enough if you are just interested in a coffee and cake they can be a bit hard to find in this town.  There is a smattering of small coffee shops around the place but not too many, instead head for a take-away kebab store or pub.  Of the few we came across, we popped into ‘The Queen of Tarts’, a cute little coffee shop with a charming little display of cakes and treats. Sadly although they looked good their baking skills could do with a shake-up!



‘Chocolate Pear Tart’

We decided on the chocolate pear tart, something a bit different from the usual lemon-meringue or rhubarb crumbles.  A bit heavy-handed with the almond essence it was all you could take, and bring along your jack-hammer for the pastry. Perhaps we just got them on a bad day. At least it was a nice place to sit down and have a drink and retreat from the pouring rain!

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2 Responses to Hit ‘n’ Miss

  1. Angie says:

    What flavour is T’s spider?? And that milkshake glass looks very pooncy!

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      It was fanta. They didn’t have creaming soda/ raspberry or lime ….what’s with that? Cola, sprite or fanta …with a choice of pink, chocolate or vanilla ice cream, it really was quite odd from all my recollection s of spider recipes. And pooncy glass yes, I was a bit ‘WTF?’

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