A Guiness Record?

The Guiness Harp

When you ask about beer, better known as ‘ale’ in Ireland, there can be only one answer ….Guiness! No trip to Dublin could be complete without visiting the Guiness Storehouse. As you weave your way through the storehouse you learn of the process of making the world famous Guiness brew, advertising through the years (there are 100s of clips of their commercials since the 1950s) to learning how to pour your own pint. The Guiness trademark, the harp, faces right so it can be distinguished from Ireland’s national symbol which faces left after an agreement was reached as Guiness had copyrighted it.

The Guiness Training Bar

I must be a natural as I passed with flying colours with the perfect pint …best in class! As I’ve mentioned previously, I don’t drink beer, so I passed on drinking this one down. The ale’s thick, creamy head comes from mixing the beer with nitrogen when poured, a fine art!


Despite not being a fan of ales, pass me a ‘beer-battered chip’ and I’m a happy girl. I couldn’t possibly come to Ireland without having Guiness in something. What better idea than to pair that with a show of Irish music and dancing and ‘The Arlington Hotel’ at Temple Bar does just that. A great pub, they offer music and dancing every night of the week together with a 3-course meal for only €29.95.

Vegetable Soup

The meals are few and simple but that makes for fast and efficient service …indeed what I consider ‘real’ pub food. From their basic vege soup costing only €3.95 to their desserts much the same, and my ‘Guiness Casserole with … Is only €9.95. Clearly there is a bit added for the show but compared to ‘Riverdance’ this is a steal!

‘Pour your own’ table

There are a number of ‘pour your own pint’ tables around the room, just set up your tab and away you go. Clearly the liquor laws are somewhat different here as there is seemingly little control over the amount one could possibly consume in this case. No more it’s the law? Obviously not an issue here. Good to know however that alcohol cannot be sold before noon on a Sunday. My drink of choice was one of their €5 cocktails …tried ‘Sex on the Beach’ and perhaps I should have paid more attention to “Murial’s” taste all those years ago …yumm! It’s a shame they also weren’t available as a ‘pour your own’ at your table option.




‘Sex on the Beach’

The band was great, offering toasts and special song requests and happily sang ‘Waltzing Matilda’ for a bunch of keen Aussies in the room they took a liking to (on account of their red hair) and the dancers showed off their amazing talent.

Arlington beef and Guiness Casserole

I really enjoyed the casserole, perhaps a little light on the Guiness as I couldn’t distinctly pick it, not that there’s a problem with that 😉 A record perhaps that I technically had Guiness and enjoyed it? Our waitress ‘Eden’ was amazing and overall we had a truly enjoyable night. If you’re ever in town, definitely check out the Arlington at Temple Bar Dublin, they get our thumbs up!




Traditional Irish Dancing
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2 Responses to A Guiness Record?

  1. Angie says:

    I bet it was a relief to come across a “cheap” night out. Well done on the “best in class”!

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      Yes, or at least cheap when combined with entertainment. I’m sure we’ll find some good places now, apparently Dublin is considered expensive in these parts.

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