Redhead vs Ginger

I have to admit, when it comes to terms of affection, ‘ginger’ is not one I respond to well. I’m also not a fan of ginger as a food unless it is disguised in gingerbread, which incidentally is often made without any ginger.

Anyway, moving right along. When consulting ‘The Lonely Planet’ guide for good places to eat, a place that popped up was ‘The Ginger Bistro’ in Belfast. We had some time to kill and needed a feed so we booked ourselves a table. Claimed to be ‘the best restaurant in Northern Ireland’ we showed up expecting a hive of activity and a roaring trade to be going on …it was completely empty! Given it was mid-week on an unusually sunny day we figured the locals had opted for a more outdoorsy option which suited us just fine …I don’t mind getting all of the attention.

They had a good variety of things to choose from, I could have happily picked just about everything if I excluded the raw fish type meals. We weren’t that hungry, so I settled on their Pork with Risotto. Hubby picked a Venison Burger and Miss 8 chose a meat pie.

“Steak Pie”

Looking at it my meal was nothing flash, and to be honest there wasn’t anything special about my pork ….but the risotto? BEST EVER!!! A deliciously creamy parmesan risotto, it had just the right balance of everything to make it not too cheesey yet enough flavour that it wasn’t boring old bland rice. Risotto is such a hard dish to perfect, there isn’t a ‘Masterchef’ series that goes by where some poor soul tries their hand at it and comes up with a gluggy mess. For a fine art these guys nailed it, and I’ve been craving it ever since. Despite being full of many things I really shouldn’t have, I can see myself trying to give it a go back home just to maybe get back that moment in time in Belfast.

Roast Loin of Saddleback Pork with Creamy Parmesan Risotto and Green Beans.

Again, high quality food and reasonably priced, Ginger Bistro definitely got my thumbs up ….and if you’re wondering where the name came from, the owner is a ‘ginger’. When it comes to food …we can do it well 😉

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