The Battle of Ecky Thump

Who can remember the ‘Battle of Ecky Thump’? If it’s sounding familiar but you can’t quite place it, think back about 30 years to ‘The Goodies’ ….getting warmer?

I’ve spent my entire life associating ‘black pudding’ with my childhood favourites the Goodies. Wielding their black puddings in a Scottish martial art battle probably wasn’t what it was intended for but made for great entertainment.

The Goodies ‘Battle of Ecky Thump’

It wasn’t until recently that I was reminded of black pudding whilst watching one of my culinary faves, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. Of ‘River Cottage’ fame, Hugh is well-known for his back-to-basics cooking, living off the land, and making the most of ALL the resources available to him. This often makes for some unusual recipes and it was in one of his more recent series I learned of how ‘black pudding’ is made.

Together with the haggis and shortbread, black pudding is also well-associated with the British Isles. Conveniently accompanying my haggis, I killed two birds (or two questionable foodstuffs) in one shot and had a slice of black pudding on my plate at ‘Number 27’ (Inverness) as well.

I seriously doubt I would have been able to perform any effective martial arts maneuvers with my black pudding, it was nothing like I expected. Having seen it prepared by ‘Hugh’ I knew that it was in fact blood that gave black pudding it’s characteristic colour, but had always seen it as a ‘sausage’ of sorts. Well, it possibly was, but it was more of a cake-like pudding in texture. Flavour? Quite spicy in a peppery kind of way. Not unlike the haggis, I didn’t find it disgusting, but it was an unusual taste and probably takes some getting used to. I think perhaps though I’ll leave it for Hugh and The Goodies to enjoy in future. If you ever come across it, I encourage you to at least give it a go.

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2 Responses to The Battle of Ecky Thump

  1. Angie says:

    Yes, I support your tasting, but will leave it to the Scottish folk!

Nom Nom Nom?