On Top of the World

About 8 months ago I happened to come across a short TV mini series about motorbiking through the UK. With no idea what the program would unveil I sat down with hubby to watch it. There are actually dozens of travel shows we could watch on our subscription TV, this one just randomly grabbed our attention.

In a two-part series, “World’s Greatest Motorcyle Rides”, Henry Cole rides the length of the UK on his motorbike. At the northern tip of Scotland, he pops into a small cafe, ‘Cocoa Mountain’. Speaking highly of their chocolate, he also happened to mention ‘The Best Hot Chocolate’. “We HAVE to fo there!!!” I confidently instructed hubby. What can I say, there are many times my husband looks at me wondering if he should put me in the car and take me to the nearest mental institution and this was one of those moments. We had plans to visit the south of Scotland, but where is Cocoa Mountain? It’s about as far north as you can go. With the exception of a few smaller islands, the next stop is Iceland! Situated in Balnakiel, it’s a stones throw from Durness, right up the tippy top of Scotland. Fortunately Scotland is a relatively small country, so a few hours from where we were staying it was actually a great opportunity for a nice day trip through the Scottish highlands and we stumbled across another great attraction, the ‘Smoo Cave’ as well.

But enough about geography, this is about food! There was a selection of novelty chocolate items, including a motorbike which I seem to recall having something to do with the TV show. Then of course there was the truffles. They had around 21 varieties on display there but their range extends to 32 different types. They can be purchased individually, together with a a drink, or gift boxed. £20 gets you a box of 20, it was about £36 for 40 or around £12 for a box of 9. I just aimed for the middle given they had about 20 in stock and got one of each. Don’t be fooled, even though they give you a picture strip to ‘identify’ your purchases some of them look very much alike, I have tried however to give you an idea of what I got and I am gradually making my way through giving most of them a try (don’t like coffee, hubby gets those).

L-R T-B: Dark Chocolate Hazlenut, Peanut Butter & Cranberry, Darkest Whiskey Truffle, Lemon Turkish Delight, Toffee Truffle, Zesty Lemon, Caramel & Roasted Hazelnut, Chunky Orange and Dark Chocolate, Champagne Truffle, Classic French Truffle, Coffee and Vanilla, Ginger and Cinnamon, Raisin Toasted Almond, Whiskey Caramel Cappuccino, Chilli Lemongrass, Coffee & Vanilla, Blueberry Cointreau, Pecan & Maple, Milk Chocolate Whiskey Cream, Strawberry & Black Pepper, Marzipan

Now, on to that hot chocolate. It was DEFINITELY worth the drive. Made with real chocolate my only complaint is that it was too hot to drink for way too long!!! It also came in a mug with no handle which, when that hot, was definitely hard to handle. Still, we ladies are well-accustomed to suffering for the greater good. I would have to agree it was probably the best hot chocolate I have ever had, so it definitely has potential as ‘The Best Hot Chocolate’ ever.

‘The Best Hot Chocolate’
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2 Responses to On Top of the World

  1. Angie says:

    OMG!!! Must have!!

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      It was delish. Maybe we can try to copy it at home with some good quality chocolate (or at work where I have the milk steamer), there are some things worth breaking a low-dairy diet for!

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