The Mystery of the Mustard Seed

‘The Mustard Seed’ is a high quality restaurant in Inverness, Scotland. With rave reviews it’s apparently a great place to dine. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a table before 8:30pm on the days we were there so we had to give it a miss.

On my travels we stopped at a few places. Although I often pass on ‘Fish n Chips’ when dining as it can be a bit ‘hit and miss’ as to whether you get something great or just a greasy lump of batter with something fishy beneath. Whilst at Durness however I was just in the mood for it. Fortunately it was nicely done and the chips were top notch too. One nice little addition was mustard seeds in the batter. They didn’t actually add any noticeable flavour to the meal but gave that extra bit of visual interest to what can otherwise be a rather bland looking dish. “I’m stealing this idea” I thought to myself.

Now THAT’S a Yorkshire Pudding!

The following day we found ourselves at ‘The Storehouse’ near Invergordon, recommended to us by our home-stay hosts [together with their 2 for 1 voucher 😉 ]. I passed on the fish n chips on this occasion (hubby and Miss 8 shared a plate of it) as I couldn’t resist the Roast Pork ….with Yorkshire Pudding! It was a huge meal of the roast and veges, stuffing and other accompaniments. One of these was roast beetroot, finished with some sort of sauce including mustard seeds. “Hmmmmm” I thought to myself …..”is there something about mustard seeds here I’m missing?”.

It seemed a bit of a ‘coincidence’ that mustard seeds were appearing everywhere, in a place where a top restaurant also bears it as it’s name. I don’t believe in coincidences, there must be more to this. After a fruitless Google search I came up empty handed. Not defeated I asked our hosts if they could shed any light on the situation. Unfortunately they were none-the-wiser either.

The mystery of the mustard seed. Sherlock Holmes is unfortunately unavailable. Miss Marple and Agatha Christie are also all unavailable unfortuately so the mystery of the mustard seed continues. I’ve concluded we can simply put this one down to ‘trendy’ foods. The Jamie Olivers or Nigellas of the World have clearly thrown a few mustard seeds around at some point and chefs all over the place have followed suit with their own use of a relatively simple ingredient, no doubt with a domino effect. I have definitely overlooked it in the past and perhaps it’s worth some more thought …stay tuned to see it hit the limelight of Toowoomba!

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