Eat Chocolate – Live Longer

When it comes to chocolate, I don’t need to have my arm twisted too far to convince me to indulge. Needless to say when I found out about ‘1657 Chocolate House’ there wasn’t much to decide about adding it to the itinerary …we WILL be going there. Afterall, it would hardly be fair to base my judgment on chocolate in the UK to only one chocolate specialist right??

I was like a kid in a candy store …literally.  We happened to stroll through the store on our way to the cafe for some morning tea and to sample the hot chocolate I had been recommended.  No, their hot chocolate wasn’t advertised as ‘the best’, possibly with good reason – there was more than one on offer! We opened the menu to be presented with SIXTEEN choices of different flavoured hot chocolates. Have fun choosing from this menu…

1657 Hot Chocolate Menu

I chose the ‘Highwayman’ …caramel, mmmmmm.

‘Highwayman’ Hot Chocolate

As if that wasn’t enough, then we need to deal with the shop. Imagine choosing from THIS selection …

1657 Chocolate Selection

The store had an article posted from the paper “Eat Chocolate ~Live Longer”. I didn’t have time to read it, but sometimes it’s best not to concern oneself with facts and figures.  Give me the conclusion and I’m happy to go with that, and in this case I intend to live forever. There was a few more than 50 different chocolates so I lashed out and decided to have a box of 50 …just didn’t seem fair to choose some chocolates and not others. This place is fantastic for gift boxed chocolates provided you are prepared to pay the price tag.  A box of 24 ‘Ferrero Rocher’ will set you back around £7 at the local Tesco.  A box of 20 of these babies is about £21. I of course went for the box of £50 (and before you think badly of me for over-indulging, I did pass on the ‘Box of 70’ option).

First choice – which box? They had a variety of cute designs available in each size (from a box of 8 to a box of 70 …though there were larger boxes up in the cafe!) They had their own ‘1657’ design, a lovely floral pattern or a black & white design, including the ‘swivel box’ design.

‘Swivel Box’

I chose the ‘1657’ design, the box will make for a nice keepsake, the chocolates however I doubt will last long.

You might be able to work these out if you start at “12 O’clock” and keep working clockwise.

Each one costs about the same as a chocolate bar back home. Now I just have to eat them all, it’s a hard life, but someone has to do it!

They also had a whole range of fudges, toffees, chocolate treats and gifts, luxury gift packs, not to mention their ‘Crown Jewel’ chocolate collection.  If that wasn’t enough, perhaps a ‘Chocolate Pizza’ is more to your liking.

‘Chocolate Pizza’

PS …this was Miss 8’s morning tea… YUM.

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2 Responses to Eat Chocolate – Live Longer

  1. Angie says:

    I was going to request the Highwayman too! Otherwise, Kimg’s Delight will do 🙂

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      I disn’t know what to do with my caramel bits! Eat them? Or put them in the drink. Decided to put them in the drink. It was nice but nothing overly special, I guess it’s good to have some choice of a favourite flavour. The ‘best’ hot chocolate was definitely the one at Cocoa Mountain.

Nom Nom Nom?