Things we take for granted …

OK, I think we can all agree I’ve been pretty impressed with the supermarkets here.  Certainly they cater for all levels of skill and lifestyle from those that will whip up a home-cooked feast any night to those that just need something to throw in the oven.

Australia is well-known for some of it’s favourites.  I wanted to whip up a Tim Tam Cheesecake for a BBQ last week and thought ‘Well there must be something I can substitute” …nope.  Vegemite will never be seen on these shores.  It’s amazing the little things we don’t share across our shores ranging from breakfast cereals like ‘Fruit Loops’ to ‘Twisties’.

My search was for something else.  I was putting together a cheese platter.  The usual cheeses and crackers were there ….but then I struck a problem. Kabana? Cabanossi? What’s that????? There were of course many processed and cured meats on offer, but none of my home favourites.

It would be interesting to see over time just what I would miss most from home, some of our classic favourites can of course be sent overseas, but I dare not eat a Kabana that’s made a 10 000 mile journey in a postpak. Possibly a good time to contemplate those things we love in our refrigerator and appreciate all the things we have available to us. What would you miss?

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One Response to Things we take for granted …

  1. Angie says:

    I am not sure. I was too excited sampling all the foreign goodies while there that I didn’t get a chance to miss Aussie goodies!

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