How the other half live…

One thing Europe has plenty of is Castles.  With a long history of royalty they all needed somewhere to live …and to holiday. Whilst the style of architecture changes in design, they all have more than just stone walls in common. The Kings bedroom, The King’s drawing room, The Queen’s bedroom, The Throne Room …the list goes on, and of course, The Dining room. Whilst many are cleared of furniture nowadays, with rooms available for public viewing not usually used by today’s Royal families, their grandeur cannot be missed.

Unfortunately photos can’t be taken in most castles.  Having said that, my phone has a bad habit of being left in camera mode, and with a few ‘accidental’ bumps I have managed to get the odd snap 😉 Shhhhhh.

‘Holyrood Palace’ is situated in Edinburgh. Despite the mighty Edinburgh Castle on the hill, Holyrood is the place The Queen calls home when in Edinburgh. We had a good little tour of the castle and oops! We ended up with this…

The Dining Room, Holyrood Palace

Unfortunately under the watchful eye of a warden the opportunities for a great snap were difficult. The table housed numerous pieces of silverware, a small selection of the 3000 pieces in total.  I’m glad I don’t have the job of polishing it all. Apparently Queenie sits at the centre of the table, looking out the window but well-positioned to socialise with the other guests should there be any.

Of course, when not touring the countryside or popping into Buckingham Palace, Liz calls Windsor Castle ‘Home’. When at Windsor Castle we joined the ‘behind the scenes’ kitchen tour.  It was unfortunate my camera had the same dysfunction as Holyrood and it seemed I acquired a few more photos purely by accident 😉

Oooops, The main kitchen of Windsor Castle.

Queen Elizabeth I had no teeth and despite having numerous dishes prepared every day and chose only the ‘soft’ foods. King George IV employed many posh chefs for his cooking and made many improvements to the kitchen. Queen Victoria was bestowed the honour of an Indian Empress, as a result she requested a lot of Indian cuisine.  Guests always knew to eat before dining with her as she was required to start eating first, she generally didn’t eat long and they weren’t able to eat when she had finished.

The older benches are the octagonal ones. They’re shorter. apparently our average height is taller now and hence new benches are higher. The big dark thing in the background is one of the spit ovens in the background, once operated by young boys they then added a weight mechanism. No longer used.

These days a chef named Mark Flanagan runs the kitchen. A smaller kitchen is utilised to prepare the Queen’s ‘egg and soldiers’ but the large kitchen is used often for larger entertaining.  All food is fresh, there isn’t a freezer in sight (not sure where they put the ice cream!!!). He knows the source of all ingredients used.  The kitchen employs 20 chefs, 3 pastry chefs and 10 service staff.

Copper pots and pans are used in the kitchen and adorn the walls as decorations when not in use. A VERY clean and tidy kitchen.

It would be interesting to know what diet the royals live on, do they sit down to a simple ‘steak and three veg’ like the rest of us or is there to be a gourmet 5-course feast every night? Do they get a ham and cheese sarny for lunch? And does she REALLY have soldiers with her boiled egg.  Unfortunately these mysteries were not solved on our tour …and my camera isn’t quite THAT clever 😉

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4 Responses to How the other half live…

  1. Angie says:

    You need to update your camera! Great stolen moment photos though 🙂

  2. being in windsor, I never have thought to take pictures of the kitchen. Genial.

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      Shhhhh (and it was purely by accident 😉 ). Maybe I should have password protected this one? Though I seriously doubt the security of the nation has been compromised. Thank you kind stranger.

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