Le Patissiere

Ahh, Le Patissiere, even the name of it sounds divine. It wasn’t too long before getting to France when I happened to stumble upon a divine little bakery …just waiting for me to come along 🙂

As you walk along the street, there are the windows, an opening to a world beyond full of goodie galore. Who can resist wandering in even just to look? Gorgeous, glossy, bright and colourful …let’s not forget the aroma of freshly baked pastry! Such treasures within.


With all the classics there before me, Mille Fuelle, Chocolate Eclair, Macarons it was hard to resist choosing one of each [to give a fair review I really should have].





I decided on ‘Tartlette au Fraise’ …Strawberry Tartlett! Those glossy red strawberries, melt in your mouth pastry and creamy custard – YUM!





Miss 8 went for her favourite – macarons, no wait – massive macarons!!! Again though, which flavour? Raspberry? Vanilla? Pistaccio? …Yes, vanilla!

‘Paul’ is a franchise we saw popping up all over the place, and their pastries tasted better than they looked. It’s probably a good thing I don’t live in France, I’d be there everyday, I could definitely do this pastry chef gig back home 🙂


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