I didn’t use my Lonely Planet guide very much, but when I did it was usually to hunt down somewhere to eat. Amongst looking for things to do amongst hubbie’s war memorials, I discovered the town of Rouen had listed a couple of little places. The first was a fine dining restaurant with traditional French cuisine, the other a more ordinary cafe with a little twist …it was also a second hand bookshop!

After a quick visit to a cathedral and a ride on the Merry-go-round [yes even big kids still love the merry-go-round] we wandered in. We moved upstairs to a small dining area overlooking the ‘square’ outside, scattered with market stalls. The menu was in french, but was amazed as I stood there translating 50% of it myself …with my iPhone helping with the rest!

I opted for that French classic – Quiche Lorraine. I love this, well, almost anything with bacon is fine by me! A generous serving, friendly staff, it was a nice quiet way to have lunch.

Quiche Lorraine

We had a quick little browse before we left, there were some books in English in a small international section but Miss 8 found the real gem ….”Where’s Waldo?”. Yes, although more affectionately known as ‘Wally’ in Australia, it seems his little striped hat and shirt crosses all cultural barriers and is loved everywhere 🙂

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Nom Nom Nom?