The Wonderful World of Disney

After hotel-hopping for quite some time and a few days looking at some of the depressing past of France at Normandy I was very much looking forward to our extended stay at EuroDisney. Whilst we weren’t planning to spend all our time in the park, there were definite benefits for hanging around such as not having to pack and unpack so often, the facilities and of course …the restaurants!

I’m not entirely sure of any child who grew up in the 70s and 80s who didn’t dream of one day making it to ‘Disneyland’. Every Sunday I would tune into the weekly Disney movie and of course my folks would rent out some favourites on ‘VHS’ and as the fireworks went off in the into dreams of the far-off wonderland began.

When I arrived it truly was a ‘I think I’m gonna like it here’ (ref ‘Annie’) moment. After an afternoon relaxing we headed on over to ‘The Disney Hotel’ [the big pink one] for our dinner at ‘Inventions’. I wished I hadn’t had lunch so late and a much a bigger nap ….this was a buffet of extreme proportions!

We had barely stepped through the entrance when Goofy was there saying a big hello. Inventions is one of the ‘meet the characters’ restaurants in the park and we were to meet many a new Disney friend that evening, much to Miss 8’s delight …but back to the food.





Bread was available at the table as well as table service of drinks. The buffet extended over 4 major displays, the first being various anit-pasto meats, cheeses, pates and condiments. There was also a couple of selections of soup. Next came the seafood buffet: prawns, scampi, crab and fish dishes. This was enough to fill a hungry tummy, but there was much more on offer.

The hot buffet hosted a variety of dishes including a roast carvery with vegetables, a multitude of wet-dishes and of course, Mickey-shaped potato rosti 🙂 If you didn’t find something here then you clearly just weren’t looking.  There were dishes to suit all tastes covering a variety of ethnic cuisines.

A friend of mine has always maintained you should eat dessert first and I have to admit, I often question why it isn’t the done thing. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a buffet restaurant, taking only a modest helping of entrée / main fare and having to contemplate ‘fitting in’ dessert. Skipping it wasn’t an option, aside from my belief “hey, I’ve paid to have a decent share I’m not leaving without it” I had already seen what was on offer! Black Forrest Gateaux, ‘Mum’s’ Chocolate Cake, Creme Caramel, Pistachio Cake, Pear Tart, Lemon Meringue Pie, Pecan Pie …..then there’s the jellies, creams and more – Oh My!!!!

Our meal was included as part of our ‘Half Board Premium’ pass that was arranged when booking.  There are a few different types of meal passes available that have a variety of terms applicable depending on which you choose.  For us it meant dining for no extra cost unless we ordered alcoholic beverages. The characters were great and made a point of visiting every table so no child got left out (note: that means you don’t have to send your child off to nag at them for an autograph), photos and autographs are all welcome. If it weren’t for the fact we wanted to check out other restaurants in the park I could have definitely enjoyed coming back to this one over and over, the food and staff were both great!

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