Auberge de Cendrillon

The Auberge de Cendrillon or ‘Cinderella Hostel’ (according to Google Translate) is a small restaurant situated in the middle of the EuroDisney park.  Another of their ‘meet the characters’ restaurants, this one features the Disney Princesses. Featuring an a la carte menu of a few choices each course of entree, main and dessert, this restaurant definitely requires more thought when dining as a family. The child’s menu is priced at €28.90 (approximately AU$40) and adults at €64.90 (or AU$85).

Clearly aimed at young girls, whilst the opportunity was there to meet the idols of the ‘mini princesses’ running around in their look-alike costumes, the menu was sophisticated and perhaps lost on their pickier palates. Certainly for our daughter the food failed to impress. We can’t recall the ‘Fairy’s Delights’ starter but with a choice of ‘Grilled chicken breast with mushroom sauce accompanied by mashed potatoes and summer vegetables’, ‘pasta with salmon’ or ‘grilled beef burger steak with gravy accompanied by a potato gratin and seasonal vegetables’ she went with the latter. What she ended up with was a less-than-appealing overdone and not-very-tempting beef burger pattie with an odd selection of vegetables …the decorative style on the plate didn’t make the meal any more interesting either. Whilst Miss 8 is particularly picky I think most little ones might have struggled with this one before them.

Grilled Beef Burger Steak with gravy, Potato Gratin & Seasonal Vegetables

Dessert was a lucky draw, with ‘Suzy and Perla’s Selection’ being the only option. This pretty much left things open for the chef’s discretion on any given day as to what the ‘selection’ was likely to be.  On this occasion it was a chocolate mousse torte with a white chocolate slipper and Cinderella chocolate coin on a stick, at least she ate the chocolate.

Suzy and Perla’s Selection

For grown-ups the choices were:


  • Foie gras with spices, fig chutney, mini dried fruit baguette
  • or Salmon tartare, wakame seaweed and sesame salad, savoury cracker
  • or Selection of grilled vegetables, pesto, poached egg and rocket salad.
Fois Gras


  • Roast loin of veal over mushroom stuffing, morel sauce accompanied by a vegetable tian and potato gratin
  • or Goose breast with peaches served with summer vegetables and Anna potatoes
  • or Pan-fried scallops with Champagne sauce accompanied by a creamy truffle risotto and crunchy fennel
  • or Chanterelle mushroom tart, creamy mashed potatoes with chives on a tomato base, rocket salad with walnut oil
  • or Chef’s suggestion (good luck guessing what this one is).
Roast Loin of Veal

We were also bestowed with the very descriptive ‘Cinderella’s Delight’ for our dessert. Again this was probably pretty much open to the day as to what you got on the plate.  For us it was a chocolate mousse cup with chocolate Cinderella Coin.

Cinderella’s Delight

We were surprised there weren’t a few more princesses gracing us with their presence, we got to meet Suzy and Perla, Ariel, Cinderella and Snow White with her Prince. Belle and Sleeping Beauty must have been having the day off, I suspect Jasmine or Mulan don’t ever rate a mention. Certainly if I was looking for a menu like this one there are much more stylish venues I could think of and probably for a better price too. Unless your kid can’t live without meeting one of these ladies I’d probably give it a miss for one of the other restaurants around the park (that incidentally have the odd character pass through if you’re lucky anyway).


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