Yee Har!

Get your boots scootin’ and you’re lassoo a twirlin’, there’s a show not to be missed. If you’re near Disney take yourself to the Wild West Spectacular and you wont be disappointed.

For the cost of our half-board premium pass, we were fed and entertained with a great evening of Disney fun….with a bonus cowboy hat – yee har! With various warnings for those with allergies or asthma, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. I imagine you would have to be pretty sensitive to have any major problems.

The seating was not dissimilar to parliament with tiered rows of benches and chairs surrounding the central arena. It wouldn’t matter where you were, there was a great view of the show.  The Disney favourites of Mickey, Minnie and Goofy were there along with Chip and Dale.  A few actors and cowboys and then the real stars of the show ….the animals.  It was amazing to see the horses in their choreographed performance and the discipline of the cattle had to be seen to be believed, I was totally blown away. Some crazy clowns and interaction with the audience as well, we definitely had a great night.


The food was ‘camp cooking’ and rustic in style.  We began with a small upturned cast-iron bowl that was soon filled with ‘chilli’ together with corn bread.  When this was cleared, along came various bar-be-cue ribs and chicken in typical smokey and spicy barbecue sauces and roasted potatoes served at the table.



Dessert was a simple apple crumble. It was a very basic and simple menu that could easily be prepared and served in a short amount of time.  With around 500 people per show, and 2 shows per night they definitely needed to churn it all out. Even for someone who isn’t usually a fan of the Wild West we definitely got a kick out of getting in theme and being amazed by a night that truly was a spectacular.

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2 Responses to Yee Har!

  1. angiej73 says:

    I was looking at the picture and thinking yummy, then I was slightly turned off by the word camp in there

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      Ha ha, there is something comforting about the simplicity of camp-style cooking. Warm and hearty ….in this case though cooked by someone else and served without dirt or getting smoke in your eyes 😉

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