You Got a Friend in Me

You would think after a few days at Disney we would be all Mickey’d-out but no, each moment was just as exciting as the first as we spent our last day at EuroDisney.  We’d already tried most of the best rides, and whilst we didn’t have much time at the Disney Studios section, we’d made good use of our extra time and passes. We booked our last 2 meals at the other ‘Meet and Greet’ the Disney characters restaurants.

Miss 8 and ‘Jessie’

Our first was lunch at the ‘Cowboy Cookout’. With a few menu options on offer, there was a disappointing long wait in line to get your order. However, that was soon forgotten with the ongoing excitement of the chance to meet more Disney faves.  Menu options were similar to the Wild West Spectacular with bean-style chillis and chicken dishes. Woody came and gave a hug to those in line, Jessie was skipping around saying Hi to all. With a relaxed atmosphere, as long as you had the time to wait your turn for the characters to make their way around they were more than friendly when they got there and willing to stop for a ‘chat’ [they don’t actually speak, we got very good at sign language and nodding]. I have to admire these guys, I imagine wandering around in stuffy costumes, especially on hot days, with the noise and hundreds of children hurling themselves excitedly at you all day, I’m not too sure how long I’d last!


Eeyore really was adorable …you just wanted to give him a big hug!

Dinner was at the Mickey Cafe.  We had tried a couple of days earlier to get a late lunch here and were turned away as we didn’t have a booking. We found this interesting as most of the restaurants still allowed guests without a booking ….you just had to wait. Given the mid-afternoon timing we found it odd but no matter, we still had time to come back another day.




Unlike many of the other places that had a buffet or set menu, this one was completely a la carte, so it took some time to find out the dollar value of the meal we could have with our special passes.  We were pretty much covered for any 3 courses of our choosing – great! The only hard part was deciding. Tomato soup with garlic bread? Pastas and pizzas? Let’s not mention way too many yummy desserts!

Apple Tarte with Ice Cream

Had we realised sooner we probably could have invested in a birthday cake, with both hubby’s and my birthday in only a couple of days I think it could have been justified for the special attention we also would have received from the surrounding characters.  A formal photographer also circled the room taking photos on request. We had a lovely time and the food and service were great, what a wonderful way to finish our visit with the many wonderful Disney friends.


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2 Responses to You Got a Friend in Me

  1. angiej73 says:

    Sounds perfect! I seem to skimp on the food side of things at theme parks, but maybe something like that is a must have at least once. Hmmm, might add that to my 50 things list!

  2. The Saucy Sampler says:

    If you’re just making a day of it the time it takes to dine-in possibly isn’t worth it, and definitely you need to pick which one is best menu-wise. Staying there though and taking advantage of their meal-pass offers certainly adds to the experience. Even as a grown-up I loved engaging with the characters, it just filled our heart with warmth and gave me a great smile 🙂

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