Our family has quite diverse interests, particularly when it comes to travel and this trip.  Whilst hubby very much wanted to see the architecture and have a good history lesson I was there for friends and food.  Miss 8 of course enjoyed theme parks, zoos, and oh, the gift shops! We spent most of the trip together as a family visiting all the attractions, rarely parting company.  Up until now when it came to cooking, hubby left it to me and Miss 8.  he would use that time for things he enjoyed …such as more architecture and history **yawn**. On this day though he didn’t have a choice, we were nearing the end of our trip and it just seemed right for us to all do things together. We’ve already established for me that Italy = Food so of course a cooking class made perfect sense.  I have to admit a lot of our research for this trip was limited [note to self, next time try ‘Trip Advisor’] and in this case we simply saw a tiny thumbnail and paragraph in a travel brochure and told the travel agent “A cooking class sounds good”. Fortunately in this case we chose well. Whilst some might think that with only 48 hours to play with that spending an entire day at a cooking lesson might not be making the most of it but it definitely was.

Fresh Local Produce

We met our guide at the office in Rome, after a mix-up with class numbers and a change in travel arrangements we were on our way OUT of Rome.  We traveled to the small village of Mazzano, located about 40 minutes out of Rome. In this quaint 16th century village we visited local shops to buy fresh seasonal ingredients before wandering down the narrow alley to a small home used solely for the classes. How nice to be in an Italian ‘home’ which incidentally backed onto a luscious green valley …gorgeous.

The streets of Mazzano






The Kitchen


What did we make? Well of course the focus was on home-made pasta. ‘Monica’ was delightful and we had lots of fun making the pasta and the various sauces to finish traditional Italian dishes ….and then of course, eat them!




I’ve made my own pasta before so I didn’t learn anything much new, this was more about our family spending some nice time together and something a bit fun for Miss 8. The hidden bonus was the location.  What otherwise might have been another day driving the streets of Rome, we were taken from the city and out into the country seeing the beautiful landscape of Italy on the way. Our verdict …we want to see more!!!!!

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2 Responses to Benissimo!

  1. marcellina says:

    Just returned from Italy myself and the best part was living with my Italian relatives and seeing how they live and eat! Your photos look great!

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      Oh that would have been great. Being there, seeing them cook so much from scratch. I think there is a lot to be said for the ‘energy’ or ‘love’ that goes into cooking, I reckon they have that mastered!

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