40 Things ~ Sampling Life in a Questionable Quest

A few months back I had the fabulous opportunity for my first overseas trip. Refer to my ‘Saucy Safari’ to see some of the great food adventures I was so fortunate enough to experience.

Whilst away, I was able to stay with my long-time friend. Off to the Ascot Races one day, she was so excited to be crossing another thing off “the list” …. ‘to place a $100 bet’. What list could this be? “40 things before I’m 40“. My friend’s birthday is only a day after mine, and with our 39th fast approaching she had already made a good start on achieving her list of 40. Tempted to quickly sit down and cheat a little and write a list of the many many NEW things I was going to experience over the next 2 months (I’m sure I could have come up with 40 then and there), I thought I would wait until I returned home, not long after my birthday. It took me another 6 weeks to get around to finishing my list, whilst it might seem like an easy task, to come up with 40 ‘NEW’ things I hadn’t experienced before that I would also be capable of doing in the next 12 months with a limited budget [hmm, 2 month holiday I still have to pay off] was quite the challenge. Rest assured, 12 months from now I’ll create a list of 50 things …and with 10 years to do them in I imagine it will be much more adventurous.

Anyway, I wanted to publish my list for some accountability …feel free to check in and see how I’m doing, when I achieve something I’ll ‘bold type’ it. I would really like to encourage everyone to write a list like this ..whether it’s one new thing a month or a long-term milestone. Similar to a resolution, try stepping outside your comfort zone or challenge yourself. Many of my friends have seen this, and no doubt when I celebrate in little over 10 months now, they will all be there checking up on how I did. I wonder how many people would be more accountable for ‘New Years Resolutions’ if they knew someone would be there 12 months later checking in on the progress? I thought blogging about it might encourage others to do the same – live a little – create a questionable quest and step outside their comfort zone and see the rewards that come from it.

One great thing even just from thinking of a list is thinking about all the wonderful things I have accomplished so far in my life – so much I am grateful for πŸ™‚

So, here is ‘The List’ , hopefully these are all achievable with time and money available ….46 weeks to go!!!

1. Write a list of 40 ‘new’ things to do before I’m 40 πŸ™‚

2. Hike β€˜Tabletop’ in dark.. I’ve done it a few times in daylight, let’s take it up a notch

3. Complete a Half Marathon – this goal has been around a few years, I will jog, shuffle and walk my way there somehow!

4. Watch a movie with subtitles – never done this, will test my concentration levels!!!

5. Go out to dinner on my own – not a huge fan of my own company, but perhaps it will brig something new to the experience

6. Go to a movie on my own – why not?

7. Do a craft course – pottery, jewelry etc. I like crafts, I don’t take much time for them these days, just to try something new πŸ™‚

8. Volunteer with charity group for a day – I love giving back to others, maybe I’ll meet some great new people.

9. Bake 25 different cupcakes (one a fortnight) – mmmm, cupcakes! I can spend some more time with ‘The Petite Patissiere’ [my daughter] on this one too.

10. Read 6 classic novels (one every 2 months). I don’t read much, let alone non-fiction. Will see how this goes!

11. Take Miss 8 camping. I haven’t camped since before my daughter was born over 8 years ago now. I loved it as a kid, and whilst I appreciate ‘comfortable camping’ it will be nice to have a family holiday and rough it just a little.

12. Participate in a group triathlon – OK – this one could be tricky as I need a swimming and cycling friend to help …any takers???

13. Go 3 days without technology – argh – chopping off my right arm would be easier! Perhaps the camping can be for days in the middle of somewhere where I can’t be tempted!!!

14. Donate blood – never done this, not sure they’ll want it!

15. Sing karaoke (Singstar?) – my singing is baaaaaaaaad, but maybe a fun night out and a few drinks wont make it so bad.

16. Eat for only $2 a day for 5 days. I tried the 40 hour famine once, I like my food too much so it didn’t go down too well. This will be a struggle too but a timely reminder of how fortunate I am to fill a trolley with groceries every fortnight

17. Learn a new dance (eg Tango, Salsa etc) – ahhh dancing, so much fun even with 2 left feet, I tried some ballroom dance classes once but never really learnt anything, hopefully a better outcome this time with some smooth moves.

18. Send a message in a bottle – he he – will anyone ever read it. Might give it to my friend who is going on a cruise later in the year – it can be dropped way off the coast of Australia somewhere – where do those tides go???

19. Go to a nice cafe and try all (most) of the desserts on the menu – my sister-in-law does this with my niece. I LOVE desserts, now an excuse to go out and just eat the sweet stuff!

20. Have a surfing lesson – ha ha – can’t be Aussie without giving this a go.

21. Go on a day spa – would go for a week if I could – anyone want to sponsor me???

22. Have a food fight! Fun!!!!

23. Collect 100 $2 coins – just because.

24. Decide what to do with $200 – buy something nice for me!

25. Complete Storey Bridge Climb – said to be great – pricey but I’ll work it out somehow.

26. Help someone fulfill a goal – anyone with a goal to fulfill? Again, relying on others here.

27. Pay for a strangers groceries (veges) – just because.

29. Play skirmish – ouch? Takers?

30. Have a 5-course dinner party. I love cooking, I like challenging myself, and I LOVE having friends around.

31. Take up yoga regularly again …I NEED this.

32. Tweet something – just to see what it’s all about.

33. Ride on a Harley – cool!

34. Produce a recipe book of my favourite recipes, a nice keepsake.

35. Create an ice cream flavour – this could be hard – 100s of them out there.

36. Get in good shape – and stay that way! Be great to not be on a roller coaster anymore!

37. Document 40 random acts of kindness – I practice this all the time, one thing I’m good at, however I don’t keep track, this is all about inspiring others to do the same because it is SO EASY!

38. Own an alpaca – I LOVE llamas and want one one day. They should be in pairs …fingers crossed the budget stretches here.

39. Take Tyla to a drive-in movie – did this as a kid, everyone should experience it at least once.

40. Make 8 Zumbo (or similar top chef) specialty desserts. Yum yum yum …and that is all!

#1 Write a list of 40 ‘new’ things to do before I’m 40 – CHECK!

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2 Responses to 40 Things ~ Sampling Life in a Questionable Quest

  1. Angie says:

    I am assuming a I am the friend to drop your bottle off? I might do mine at same time to knock mine off the list. I think a glass bottle?
    Also my list involves learning to make jewellery. Wanna do a class with me?

    Going to set up my blog this arvo!

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      Ahh yes, you are aforementioned friend if you don’t mind! Glass should last eh? I wouldn’t imagine it breaking …though perhaps PET is a better option, I might need to research ha ha.

      Jewelery class sounds awesome, I’m thinking I will a: be more successful at it and b: more likely to use whatever I make – guess we better research that too, something for 2013 πŸ™‚

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