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#32 …Tweet something.

Twitter was something that never really interested me, judging without investigation, it just seemed like something teenagers do to ‘follow’ some random celebrity they are obsessed with at the time.  Oh yes, I’m sure if it had been around when I was 13 then Corey Haim and the New Kids on the Block would have had one fanatical teen watching their every move and waiting for the day they tweeted how they had fallen for some freckly red-haired Aussie girl – hey, it could have happened!!!

Sadly, I have to admit that there are some things we don’t grow out of. I don’t watch much TV, but there are some shows I really just don’t want to miss out on. ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is one of them. It’s not a vampire thing, I actually hate ‘Twilight’, but from the first episode that I watched only 12 months ago I found myself somewhat taken by the mystery of ‘Damon Salvatore’ …aka Ian Somerhalder. On return of the 2012 series I couldn’t help but head to his facebook profile …what’s this? “About: Philanthropist/Entrepreneur/Optimist ” …in big bold type. This overshadows the greatness of Damon Salvatore? This required further research! As it turns out, Mr Somerhalder has his own foundation, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (or ISF), a non-profit organisation aimed to “empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures”. Philanthropist? Entrepreneur? Optimist? Not only is this guy VERY easy on the eyes, I think he might just be God himself.

On further investigation, lookie here …he tweets! Well this is good enough excuse as any to sign on up and follow his every move ….Saucy Sampler come stalker …next thing I had my own account. Of course, the whole point was I actually find this guy TOTALLY inspiring.  He uses his power for good not evil and is pouring a lot of energy into making some really positive changes in the world. Sure there are plenty of others out there doing that too, but I like to keep things simple 😉 .

So there I am out in Tweetville ….I’m following 7 people the likes of Ian, Deepak Chopra, Oprah and Ellen (all wonderfully inspiring), although I have some random things come through my feed from others and I have no idea why. No doubt through connections I have already made with maybe the possibility of a few wonderful surprises.  No-one is following me, ha ha, but that is OK. I made a couple of posts and put myself out there.  Perhaps when I get a few people actually interested in my life (come on guys, I’m a blast!!!) I may venture further. Until then though, I shall continue to be just inspired for many wonderful things 🙂

#32 – Tweet something – CHECK!

PS Feel free to look Ian up, a fab guy doing some wonderful things beyond being a vampire to die for [no pun intended] 😉

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