Thanks to many years of watching Oprah and checking out ‘The Secret’ I’ve learned to show much gratitude for all that I have in my life.  Sure, I’m only human, and maintaining this attitude 24/7 can be a challenge particularly in those moments of distress when ‘First World Problems’ occur, but for many years I’ve had a general appreciation for being ‘better off’ than most.

I’ve occasionally taken advantage of this in the past with minor ‘financial favours’ such as paying for the toll in the car behind or sending a bank transfer to a known flood victim, I’ve never really given anything really beyond the usual charities.  Despite currently being in ‘budget mode’ (on account of a recent trip overseas), I am still mindful that I can afford much much more than so many. Hence, I created ‘Thing # 27 ~ Pay for someone elses groceries’.

The logistics of this can be tricky, I can’t imagine standing in line at the Supermarket and waiting for the next person just so I can hand over my credit card and pay for their groceries. Apart from refusal, I imagine it could be quite awkward. Sure, I could leave a voucher somewhere, but that would be difficult. Execution (particularly anonymously) of this act certainly posed a problem, however there had to be a way.

Fortunately, I’m on really good terms with our local Fruit n Veg shop lady (‘M’), a lovely cheerful woman, I knew she would be able to help. On my next trip in to get my own supply for the week, I handed over an envelope with a simple message “A random act of kindness, have a great day 🙂 “ with $20 enclosed. Most of my visits cost about that much ….I figure with a small amount I can go back a few times and benefit more than one family. With a simple instruction to either give it to the next person with $20 or more of veg, or to choose a family she thinks perhaps could use a little bit of a bonus, I left the envelope with ‘M’ and headed home with a great feeling in my heart that I had done a good thing.

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of the thought of what a simple generosity might give to the recipient and overlook just how big a small act of kindness can be.  Reading a facebook message a short while later, ‘M’ was overwhelmed with happiness (and given she is usually so happy taking it to another level is something special). With that thought in mind I’m sure ‘The Ripple Effect’ will continue in ways I had never even considered and touch the loves of who knows how many? I doubt I’ll miss that $20 in weeks, months or years to come, but the memory is something I will carry with me for life. If nothing else, I’ll be buzzing for some time yet 🙂

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  1. angiej73 says:

    Oh, can you post what M wrote? Happy feelings x

Nom Nom Nom?