Strike 1

List item #35 …Invent a new Ice Cream flavour.

Clearly I didn’t really think this through, whilst countless yummy flavours of ice cream went through my head I struggled to come up with something that a quick Google search didn’t disqualify as already in existence. **SIGH** Clearly I was going to have to think way outside the box for this one!

I recently went on an overseas trip and was fortunate enough to dine at ‘The Fat Duck’. It was here that I was able to sample ‘Pommery Grain Mustard Ice Cream‘, it was served with a red cabbage gazpacho.  On further research, it appears that ice-creams with a more savoury twist are certainly hitting menus around the place, usually of the mustard variety and served alongside meat dishes.  Whilst a savoury sauce isn’t unusual, freezing it is definitely something new. Perhaps this was the direction I should head in? Something that you wouldn’t normally associate with ice cream. So that’s what I did. What did I come up with? One of my most favourite snacks out there …..Wicked Cheddar Zig-Zag Twisities!

I’m pretty much addicted to these things, certainly it’s dangerous to have them in the house, I’d eat a whole large bag in one sitting if my conscience didn’t stop me.  Something very moreish about them – yumm. Whilst to the ordinary person making these into a new ice cream flavour might seem ridiculous, to me, clearly of the same calibre of Heston Blumenthal, it was a definitely possibility. Miss 8 was soooo excited, it sounded like a good plan to her!

<insert game-show error buzzer here>

 Making ice cream is actually quite an art, there is a fine balance of liquid, fat and sugar to make sure that the end result actually freezes with a good texture and then of course there’s the flavour.  It’s not possible to work out the end result before freezing as once frozen, your taste buds react differently. When creating your own recipe it definitely is a game of trial and error …or in this case just error.

In order to flavour our ice cream we infused the cream by soaking a bag of Zig Zag Twisties in 2 *600mL milk for 3 days. I had seen this technique used for flavouring creams for ganache in macarons.  We strained the Twisties and blended in some milk to 500mL of the infused cream. This was brought to the boil before stirring over 4 egg yolks, then returned to the heat to ensure it had heated to 67’C [pasteurising the egg yolk?]. We then let it cool a little before adding our ‘custard’ to the ice cream machine.  45 minutes later …soft serve ice cream.


‘Wicked Cheddar’ Zig Zag Twistie Ice Cream

We couldn’t wait to taste it ….the result? Well, it did taste like the Twisties, but the flavour hadn’t really infused enough. Hmmmm. We weren’t quite sure how to fix this, so step 1 was to puree the strained Twisties, and push the mush through a sieve.  We added the ‘mush’ to the mix along with some salt.  There was a marginal improvement in flavour but it didn’t really work.  I had focused on keeping it savoury so thought perhaps some sweetness might enhance the flavour and added some sugar syrup.  Well, that didn’t work either and by now the mix was just, well, bad – ha ha. In hindsight, the initial mix wasn’t too bad, and perhaps an extra couple of egg yolks in our custard and even a hint of vanilla may have reduced the taste of cream a little so the Twisties could really stand out.  With that in mind, although something quite different, it wasn’t too bad.

Overall I would consider this one an epic fail, although as said famously by Thomas A Edison “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. I wont be making another 9, 999 attempts but I may try another one or two. Technically I’ve completed item #35 ‘Invent a new ice cream flavour’ ….I never said it had to taste good 😉

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2 Responses to Strike 1

  1. angiej73 says:

    Oh, I made ice cream in my class on Tuesday as part of a maths lesson (bloody science coming into everything!). We did it the old fashioned way with ice, salt and water in the outer bag and then milk, sugar and chocolate nequik in the inner bag. They said it tasted like chocolate paddle pop.

    I wonder what their thoughts would be on a twisties flavoured ice cream. While I love the twisties, I would pass on the ice cream. But yay for something off the list!

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      Yay for the kids – well done! Yes chocolate might have been MUCH nicer but hey, it was different! I need to avoid dairy in my diet otherwise I would try countless recipes to find something great. I haven’t given up yet ….I invented my own Tim Tam Cheesecake …perhaps I can make an ice-cream version of that 🙂

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