Random Acts of Kindness

I actually abhor the idea of documenting this, but I need to be accountable for #37 on my list of “40 New Things To Do Before I’m 40” – Document 40 random acts of kindness.  I like to do things on the quiet and just share some positive energy, without the need for thanks, making others feel awkward or creating a sense of obligation to repay in some way.  However, probably most of the people that benefit won’t be seeing this and we can keep it our little secret – maybe you’ll get an idea on just how easy it is to spread a little lovin’ in the world, maybe I’ll do 40, maybe I’ll do more!  😉

#1 – 21 October 2012 – Paid for someone else’s groceries … a bit of a double-up on this one, but I suspect I might go beyond 40 anyway 😉 …update 2013 – I’ve done this more than once!

#2 – 23 October 2012 – Well, I’m not going to tell …this was a sneaky one I intend to keep going for a while yet. Let’s just say it’s similar to something I’ve been doing for a while yet at work. Simple ..and maybe I’ll tell one day 😉

#3 – 25 October 2012 – In heavy traffic, I stopped to allow drivers from a side street to merge into the traffic …although I do this most of the time anyway 😉

#4 – 27 October 2012 – Took some home-made muffins and a carton of coldies out to the Rural Fire Brigade at Crows Nest, something nice for the peeps who have been out fighting fires in the Ravensbourne Forrest all week! The guys were stoked 🙂

OK, doing this is harder than I thought, not because being kind is, but documenting acts of kindness is. I’ve made a point in my life of stopping when I can to help others, doing things ‘randomly’, unplanned and to some extent, unconsciously. So how do you ‘document’ something that you’re not even consciously aware you have done.  Clearly, I need to be more mindful of the ‘little’ things I do for others. As for ‘randomness’, I guess for the person at the other end finds the good deed random!

#5 – 18 November 2012 – Had a friend around for dinner who has had a hard time at work lately, figured a nice meal and good glass of wine relaxing in the spa was just what she might need.

#6 – 19 November 2012 – An early bird will get a nice surprise today 🙂

#7 – 22 November 2012 – did some paperwork for a colleague

#8 -3 December 2012 – I had finished all my work for the year so I helped a colleague move out of his office to a new staffroom

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. “…..

~~ Princess Diana ~~

#9 – 25 December 2012 – Yes that’s right, Christmas Day, and we went to the local hospital with chocolates and wished the staff and patients a Merry Christmas as they were not as fortunate as us to be at home with loved ones. It felt great & we went to the private hospital the next day and did the same 🙂

#10 -12 January 2013 – Whilst attending a scrapbooking workshop as a guest speaker another scrapper spoke of a particular colour card she had just run out of that is no-longer available.  I gave her the rest of what I had.

# 11 – 17 January 2013 – Brought flowers and helped a local businesswoman who had to close her business down due to harassment to sort out some of the shop.

#12 – 18 January 2013 – Acquired some wooden crates and gave them to a friend who needed some raised garden bed to start up a small vege garden.

#13 – 19 January 2013 – When the grocery delivery man noticed a couple of peacock feathers in our yard (our peacock is starting to lose his tail for the non-mating season) I offered them to him.  When he explained he was from India and that the Peacock is the National Bird of India I did a quick dash around the yard and gathered up a bunch of them ….made his day 🙂

I know I’ve done more these holidays, little things, I just can’t think of them!!!

#14 – 21 January 2013 – A group got split in the queue at Movie World. In order for the latter few to rejoin their friends I offered them to jump in front of us on the queue. it was declined, but the offer greatly appreciated.

#15 – A lady had her young children meet and greet ‘Tweety’ at Movie World.  She didn’t have a camera, when the assistant asked if she wanted to find something to take a photo she said she didn’t have anything.  I took a photo for her and offered to email it to her.

Here’s a great link I came across to show just how easy little things can make a difference – go ‘The Ripple Effect’ – A Few Minutes of Perfection

This year I have been so busy I didn’t manage to write a lot of things down, but here’s a couple I could remember.

#16 – I gave out ‘free hugs’ with ‘free coffee’ at my work.

#17 – I loaned my iPad to a colleague when she lost her phone so she at least had access to emails and internet

#18 – Paid for 3 bottles of milk at the local store and tagged them with a message for the next people that came along 🙂

#20 – picked up change that rolled under the counter for a man at the grocery store

#21 – Helped an old fella find a tape measure and measure a table at the thrift shop

#22 – A lady struggling with a newborn and her purse etc had difficulty getting her stuff in a bag at the shops so I stopped what I was doing to help.




3 Responses to Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Kelly says:

    Hello there, I’m not sure how I came to be at your lovely little page, perhaps through daring bakers? Occasionally I twirl around playing pin the tail on the blogger for new ideas lol. But I’m so glad I ended up here. I love your list. I’m also a big supporter of randomly passing on a kindness when you can and it’s so nice to see when other people spread a little love around. I wanted to leave a message for you cuz I think you’re awesome. Maybe the universe dropped me here so that I could give a big huge thanks and a big huge smooshy virtual hug to you. Thank you for spreading smiles and making someone’s day.

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      Oh thank you for your lovely comment! Yes random acts of kindness just seem to be something I do without thinking, which made it the difficult to write down as they are pretty much an unconscious thing 🙂 Thought I would give it a go in my 40 things before I was 40 challenge …which I didn’t quite achieve! Life gets in the way sometimes.
      I need to get back to my Daring Baker’s challenges. Busy life and gluten-free life have made it a bit too challenging!

    • The Saucy Sampler says:

      I’m not sure how I came to be at this comment again today but perhaps it was to make me smile. Random acts of kindness can keep coming back to you 🙂

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